Black is beautiful!

Posted by Girish Patil | 8:05 PM

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Each color has its own power that reflects it beauty. Black too has its own...when combined with white; nothing can touch it down. Black is Black its beautiful.
If other reflects the colors, black absorbs the colors.

They are the two sides of the same coins...

Our action is completely responsible whether we can turn down black into white or vice-versa.

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I like Black very much. I am looking fair, Most of in my parties I preferred black.

Black shows originality of our beauty of ours.

We are enjoying the beauty of very flower in very color, but we miss the flower in black color.

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Friends I like black color very much.

In this worlds we are enjoying the flowers in every color but we miss the flower in black color.

When we wear black color dress it increases the beauty of ours.

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Black is a color which has a beauty within itself.This is the colour that is very practical for me,
(a) It shows no dirt
(b) It can be used for hiding behind
(c) It is a color which suggests you need 'time out' for reflection and privacy. Revival and renewal come from space given to reflection and inner searching.
(d) When used with other colors, it can also give those other colors heightened energy.
(e) It is used as an outliner in painting
(f) It has its own elegance
(g) It represents the youth of a person in the form of black hair
(h) It is put for infant to prevent them from bad sight (at per Indian mythology)
There are many more aspects of the beauty of black. For me it is a very beautiful color.

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Black - it has it own significances.

1) I absorb all colors.

2) Even white color can also become next if combined with Black for example we call "Black & White" only not "White & Black".

3) Our top most part of the body has Black Color (Hair).

4) The powerful species on the earth Human afraid of "Dark" which is Black.

5) All knowledge and articles are only visible if we write with Black color on white.

If we go on remembering there are lots of things...

Any how one thing is true "Black" is "Black".

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Black is a wonderful color in dresses which suits for all in any situation, but black color is said are the color of bad situation

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Black is a color which i like most. I prefer black most in many things. Like Dress, Pen, Watch, Vehicle, etc. Even our eyes are combined with black and white and not other colors why? Black absorbs the colors.

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Hi frenzy’s Black is beautiful. Take the example of our shadow which reflects us, our beauty, our actions etc. The god'BALAJI and SHANI' their color is also black. In winter normally we prefer black colored clothes 2 keep us warm. We have black hair, eyes(retina),moles. When we first enter the world i.e. when we are born our eyes wont see the light first For some months we will be in dark (black).

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Hello everyone, Black is beautiful is true and its also the latest trend. Everywhere most of the people prefer black may it be a wedding, college function, day today life and so on. Black is a color in which everyone looks beautiful

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Black has its own significance. There are many who hate black for many reasons. Majority of men who are black in color are comment at the time of their marriages that the guy is too dark or black. Many girls too have this complex as they prefer to be fare enough. But unfortunately they are black.

Of course many colors have its own significance. Black too has its own value for such matter. We get rain because of the black clouds; we are able to see this wonderful nature because of the black portion within our eyes which enables us to view the picture. There are many such examples which talks about the beauty of Black color.