Reservation is needed or not in INDIA

Posted by Girish Patil | 10:10 PM

Reservation is required by the politicians to get scores of votes. India needed reservation only after independence to brings all the castes in the mainstream. But a reservation for higher study was never needed. If a person from backward class can complete one's schooling without reservation and bias then why one needs to be reserved after that. There can be no school or institute in India where one is stopped entering just because of taking birth in backward classes.

Girish Patil

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Girish you wrote very well, i agree with you perfectly. For the upliftment of downtrodden, reservation can be there but no way reservation is justified in the higher education and other similar fronts in India.

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Well before we slam the politicians and all let’s look in to the past and observe why was the reservations done in the first place and its present impact.

In the past(before independence) its true that the higher classes enjoyed more benefits - I mean what all the titles like Rai Bahadur, and etc were mean tot create a social unrest which was utilised to its best by the British.

It seems that to reverse things a bit and also appease the SC/ST s reservations were made. Moreover the census of 1932 too showed that the SC/ST s and OBCs were larger in numbers. So it can be said that for general appeasement of masses it was also a political step by the Country makers at that time. Moreover with the proximity to USSR at that time the word "equality" may have sounded different at that time.

Reservations were made not only in castes but also between states at lets keep J & K out of this since it had its own problems to deal with.

If we look into most of the Government PSUs made after independence we would observe that they intentionally kept Maharashtra and West Bengal out of it purview since they were the most developed states during in and around independence. Former being the seat of the commercial capital and the later being the seat of the country's capital in the past. Rather New Delhi being the capital of India only for 96 years whereas Calcutta was the capital from 1772 to 1911 - 139 years.

Now initially there was a time frame for implementing the "social upliftment" - the term coined by all those pro-reservation politicians (may be that includes everyone except Sidhu pajji) now. After that time frame got over it was found that they still lag behind so it was increased and more time was given but it reached its peak with the "Mandal commission".

Now after 60 years of independence if "social upliftment" has not been achieved then it clearly indicates the process thus chosen was wrong. Reservation always meant to deny the deserving from the pie and give it to some who doesn't deserve it. Frankly this whole drama is appeasing the masses but there is a flip side of it. It's this that General Category class is still ahead. It meant that due to competitions for fewer seats the generals are getting better day by day. And they are still ahead despite of all the reservations against merit.

Who is actually benefiting, are the labour class of SC/ST s benefiting? NO!!! The service class is biggest and perhaps the only benefactor. The people whom we meet everybody in our offices, schools, parks, restaurants belonging to this class are "THE" biggest benefactor.

Reservation in my opinion should be made for every one who heralds from a lower economic status for one-time for either govt. jobs or govt. educational institution. Once availed it cannot be used for the next 3 generations and that too after calculating the economic status. This would ensure that it comes to an end one day.

There is another point I would like to make is why did politicians suddenly warmed up for reservations in premier institutions and private firms. Well, during Mandal commission, our present PM Dr. Manmohan Singh did introduce something called "Liberalisation". Credit to him for having such a long-sighted concept, slowly it became apparent in the late nineties early millennium that there aren't sufficient jobs in the government sector and most of them were going after private firms - that meant that reservation in government sector is not that valuable any more. So this is the only way out. But kudos to Private firms and IIMs, IITs and not forget the medical fraternity who has the biggest influence in the social setup who stood up against this "social menace". But above all the Supreme Court who proved time and again that it would not be the part of cheap politics.

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It is not needed in the present form. Constitution makers provided reservations for 25 years. Now this has become an unending process due to vote bank politics. In the meantime those who got jobs from the reserved category in the 50s and 60s have their wards well settled and relocated to USA etc. Reservations to the next generation cannot be justified. But there are prominent politicos who want reservations for the next 2000 years - their logic - for the last 2000 years a section of society has been backward. this is staple diet for China to do well. there are thick headed - and no headed persons in society who cant see beyond winning the next election.
50 years is not enough for a social or a academically not exposed backward communities in India to come up and to compete with the thousands of years academically sound communitie(s) which denied the education and kept the education only to them.So why still many most backward classes in India has only the First generation learners compared to the forward community's ratio.It is not the question of vote bank for politicians and they are really in very Right Track in this issue of reservation.

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I agree with Sachin and Shampa that this is a mere political proposition and a politician's bread and butter as he can not exist without it - If it is Congress and so called Secular Parties who believe their existence in 'For Quota' stance, its BJP and so called Communal parties who believe their existence in 'Against Quota' stance. But it is just that; I mean non of them do not actually want this Quota System to go. It is a all weather political product that benefits both hues of Indian Politics.

If it is Caste System which is still in existence, hats off to bastard politicians. There is no need to give job on the basis of caste. Let the Government come out with a Quota system purely based of economic condition of person. As Sachin rightly said - Today a wall has emerged among the ST/SC population - Service Class and Labour Class; The former is continuously benefiting, rather unnecessarily and labour class remains where it was 50 years back. So there should be a countrywide stir to force these politicians to rectify their mistake which breeds so many hatre among sections.