Who is good manager, man or women?

Posted by Girish Patil | 10:02 PM

Hi friends
I start a new gd topic who is good manager, man or woman.
Before giving any conclusion, we should not forget the ability of males as a manager.
I think that manger should have mainly these three main issues:-
1.Manager should have good knowledge of this field.
2. Manager should be a good leader.
3. Last but not least Manager should have ability to initiative.
These all qualities do not depend on sex of a person. Any individual can have these qualities and can be a good manager.

Before discussing, who is a good manager? We shouldn't forget that it basically depends upon the field. There are many fields that are amicable to man and some to women. So man and women both are good manager in their respective field.
Yes, I agree that women also take care of their family but man also done that . Indoor responsibility belongs to a women whereas outdoors to a man.

What are your views towards this topic?

Girish Patil


I think now-a-days there is no much difference between man or woman when it comes to career point of perspective.
We cant really judge who is good manager (ie whether male or female).
Depending upon various situations the effectivity of manager comes out.
A manager is one who has capability of really handling the pressure and see that process goes in a smooth way despite of many exceptions.
?Here no matter whether the manager is man or woman, its his/her capability, ability, character, attitude which will be tested round the corner.
But i think definitely man would have slight bit of advantage here as for the role of manager respective individual has to be a bit rigourous and aggressive enough, these kind of stuff are more in man than in a woman i guess.
Finally it again depends on each and every individual.
Really tough who is good among the both.

I feel that man can play in a managerial place at some points better than women. Women too play but at sometimes they fail from their duty. They very soon become sensitive whatever higher post they are. Psychologically, they are at very minor percentage lacking, of leading such high posts. Till they are in lower levels, they can go with ease, and feel they can do much better than a man. But once they come to that level, they themselves loose temper, and become tense soon. And other than that they possess very high qualities of thinking equal to men. To talk it might be easy saying women can perform all headed levels, but when coming real, they do really lack some points which is the important factor of that post.

In opinion men can play the role better than women.