College days are memorable

Posted by Girish Patil | 10:17 PM


Everybody are aware that college days are very memorable. Everyone will have lots of memories of college days.

Please share in your memorable memories below.

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Yes you are right college days are memorable as these days are the best part of your life you have so much to do try new eating zones, new fashion, new friends,new events and lots of new thing of course study also.

In your college days you met so many person some of them become friends some become best friends and some become part of your life. I also met mu husband in my college days and we both miss that days when we are free from every worry.

  1. Nandana Reddy June 5, 2016 at 11:35 PM  

    Hi frds...
    I have a lot of memories of college days... My college days are best part of the my life. Introduce the new friends,new faculty, new fashion in college.. My college days are wonderful days..