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Posted by Girish Patil | 7:13 PM

Do you think the media is playing the justified role in today’s society?

Media is very important part of our country, because due to media we came to know about new technology.

In my opinion it is no ways each and every news is being broadcasted, which is not only bringing enlightenment among people but also decreasing the crime rate. Moreover the faith on the law is also being increased .If people are not getting justice by going 2 police they r turning towards media.

So in my opinion the role of media is justified nowadays!

Please put your views here.

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Its true. Many hidden crimes are lighted by media. There are many useful things in it if an individual takes only the advantages of an invention. Every part has its other side (disadvantages) too and it depends on the individual who absorbs it. We are able to know the news, technology, announcements, crimes, justice, etc from our home only by media. If media stops a day or two, we all will be blank of knowledge. Even certain films reach people with best information and thinking. And also I feel they do their role much better than police and other departments. They first attract the attention of officers and relevant departments by their work. I salute media for its innovative works.

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I think there is no need to rein in media as they have their own unions and they set their own set of ethics. What media is doing today is really commendable. You see a poor man finds justice from the administration just for the media coverage he is getting which was not possible some years ago when common man assumed that justice was only for powerful people. Similarly, media has put a fear among politicians and bureaucrats who are constantly watched against corruption.

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Media technology is fast acquiring the qualifications to become a major segment of the Indian information technology industry given the variety of media products and the spate of seminars and exhibitions being organized in different cities.

As technical concept media is defined as the integration of audio, video, animation, text and data, using computers. Many of the advertisements, one sees on television now-a-days, involving animation or morphing are typical examples of media presentations. However, for education, training or entertainment the presentation has to be interactive. This facility allows the viewer, through a menu, say, to ask for explanation, skip, repeat or stop the presentation whenever he wants it. Thus, an interactive media presentation gives the user what he wants.

The major application area of media kits will be tourism. This will include travel agents, airlines, railways and hotels. The tourism segment is likely to contribute about ten percent of the market. Media packages, giving historical maps, cultural maps and the like, will be very handy for hoteliers and tourists. Commercialization has already started on a bid scale and various CD-ROM titles are available in the market. Such software packages in hotels make it possible, at a few clicks of the house, to locate important tourist spots and know their historical, geographical or any other relevant information.

With all parameters favorably set for the growth of the media industry, it is expected that India's strength is software development will quicken it.

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Media is of course doing its duty. It is the duty of the media to update with the information related to the country to the public and it is doings its duty. It is only because of the newspapers and other media of communication which helps a layman to know about his country and the happenings around him.

There are of course many people who are corrupt who make our country corrupted. Police officials also are alike and do not easily trust whom they see at the first time. All this gives us a idea that the media is not doing its duty but it is actually the people in this country who make it corrupt.

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I think media is quite biased towards doing it's business and it has lost its true nature to bring the transparency between right and wrong.

Nowadays different media has different opinions, this is not bad but it shows its inclination towards political and monetary pressures.

In positive sense media is a medium who will integrate the digital world into today’s classroom and throughout the curriculum. Specially trained and knowledgeable in the use of information technology. Media specialists empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.

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Hi everyone according to me media is playing a commandable and it brings out the whereabouts of all suffering people and hence they get justice because of its role in the society.

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Media is the best and good to know many thing where ever u?

all things have some good also bad also,

how much we gets more knowledge from medaia, today's generation means students, young people, who are going to take care of this nation, they are using this media in wrong way to develop their carrier

what is the answer for this?

What is the solution for your way?

Can u hold it such situation